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Franchising with 

Firm Lab

A game-changing business model in an industry projected to have consistent growth. With all of the tools you need to be successful. 

This is Firm Lab.


With You Every Step of the Way

Firm Lab is not your typical Franchising operation. We focus on quality not quantity. It is not our goal to open up as many Franchises as possible. We actually seek to limit the number of Franchises that we open, so that the growth of every Firm Lab Franchise can be properly nurtured and supported. From hello to the Grand Opening and beyond, we are with you every step of the way to support you. We provide comprehensive training for all Staff members, a concise Business System, as well as access to social media & marketing guides. Our goal is to make you happy that you invested in us. 

If you don't succeed, we don't succeed. 

Industry Statistics

The Noninvasive Aesthetic Treatment Market Is on the Move!


Key Statistics

Number of Spa Visits in the US in 2020 – 124 Million

Source: Statista, 2021

Revenue of the Spa Industry in 2020 – $19.8 Billion

Profit Margins of the Spa Industry in 2020 – $2.2 Billion

Source: IBISWorld

Revenue of the US Beauty Industry in 2020 – $77.9 Billion

Projected Revenue of the US Beauty Industry in 2025 – $96.4 Billion

Source: Statista

Projected Revenue of the US Medical Spa Industry in 2022 – $6 Billion

Sources: AmSpa and Marketdata

Steps to Ownership

Step 1: Hello!

So nice to meet you! This is the very first step to get to know what Firm Lab Franchising is all about. Contact us and we will tell you all about this amazing opportunity!

Step 2: Discovery and Prescreening

Here, you’ll learn more about us, and we’ll learn more about you. We will provide an advanced application and assess if a Firm Lab is the right fit for your business needs. As things progress, we will provide a Firm Lab franchise disclosure document (FDD), so you may learn about the full dynamics of the business.

Step 3: Support

You can count on us to support you every step of the way. At Firm Lab, our dedicated team of professionals will answer all the questions you may have. Our industry expertise covers a variety of areas, from advertising to retailing.

Step 4: Time to Sign

Within 2 weeks of your receipt of the FDD, the approval of the FDD terms and the signing of the franchise agreement will be required to own your Firm Lab. Then, the exciting process of starting your own business begins!

Step 5: Site Selection and Approval

We’ll provide the guidelines needed to assist you with opening your Firm Lab in the ideal location for your local demographics and territory. Our support will help you choose the vital criteria to maximize client exposure. We also offer guidelines to assist with designing and building your own Firm Lab to meet our fresh and modern specifications.

Step 6: Preparing for Takeoff

Here comes the exciting part—getting ready to open! There are several key steps to help you build your new Firm Lab. From equipment installation to a free initial “Firm Lab University” training, we will help you build a confident and empowered staff. We also have a marketing account executive on-call to help you advertise your grand opening and spread the word about your brand-new business.

Step 7: Grand Opening and Ongoing Operations

During the grand opening, one of our Firm Lab associates will be there by your side on your first day to offer support and congratulations.

We will also help you develop your business by offering ongoing support, including education, special product promotions, and advertising to help bring clients to your facility. Our CEO will constantly research the spa technology markets to help you stay on the cutting edge of spa industry technologies.

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