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We are ​FIRM Lab

From permanent fat reduction treatments to facial lifting services, FIRM Lab strives to provide the newest innovations in non-invasive skin care, body care, and home care. All designed by a beauty industry expert & provided by our team of trained professional technicians.

Our treatments are more effective than your standard spa treatments but less invasive than most medical spa treatments and at a fraction of the price. 

Welcome to the Lab, Firm Lab. 


Get to Know Our Founder

Developed by an industry expert, Firm Lab™ is committed to addressing the untapped market niche in the multibillion-dollar spa industry.

About Our Founder

Firm Lab™ is the creation of a veteran Esthetician of 19 years and Spa Industry Expert Lauren Jannelli. Educated in both the United States and Italy, Lauren has used her experience in Marketing and Branding to develop the Firm Lab business model. Formerly an Educator for a top French Skin Care Company, Lauren has traveled the US to train Spa staff and fortify Spa Operation Procedures. She has spoken at numerous regional seminars and seeks to inspire and motivate her fellow members of the Skin Care Industry.

Lauren has owned a Spa for ten years and has been intensively studying the impacts of Spa Technology in the Industry for 9 years. She noticed that there was a growing list of new technologies available that would allow her to attain significant results for her clientele, without any pain or downtime. She first launched Radiofrequency and Cavitation treatments in her Spa in 2012, and they became wildly successful. In fact, both the popularity as well as the efficacy of the Radiofrequency Skin Tightening treatments are what inspired Lauren to develop Firm Lab.

Now working with her own supply chain of custom equipment manufacturers, Lauren personally develops the equipment utilized in every Firm Lab location. She constantly looks out for the newest technologies, before they hit the mainstream market. She has also curated an extraordinary product collection for Firm Lab, relying upon Scientific studies of ingredients that can make positive changes to the inner physiology of the skin. Her product collection features such active ingredients as Epidermal Growth Factors and Sea Kelp Bioferment. Lauren has made it her passion to supply Clients with all of the tools they need, both professional treatments and home-care, to look their absolute best.


A Game Changer in the Beauty Industry

Your amazing opportunity is waiting. Our franchises are available on a first-come, first-served basis and are offered in specific territories only. Apply now to reserve your territory.

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